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How do you develop trust and build relationships; create a “Thank God It’s Monday!” work culture; focus on distinction rather than competition; deliver a superior customer experience; and lead effectively through change? By inspiring others! Read on to see how you achieve this ….

Every job is a self-potrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence.

1. Be inspired yourself

If you’re uninspired think of what could lift your mood, for example memories, people you knew who inspired you, music, and fictional characters. If you’re not inspired, don’t try to inspire others – it won’t work

2. Set the mood rather than being led by it

Be more energetic, more controlled, more measured or whatever you think is needed to establish an inspirational mood

3. Use language which is passionate and expressive

Give answers that provide more than what is needed:’An excellent book – it was practical as well as an easy read’ rather than ‘Yes, it was fine’

4. Frame what you say in a positive and constructive way

This applies even if what you have to say is negative: It was a difficult meeting but a useful rehearsal for the ones that will really matter.’

5. Have a reason which is beyond achieving a target

‘Giving people great holidays’ is more inspirational than meeting a tour operator’s sales objective – although a bonus for hitting the goal may motivate too! As individuals we need a reason or purpose beyond targets to inspire us

6. Focus on the future

If you refer to the past, do so to draw lessons that will help achieve the ‘purpose’ rather than pointing out mistakes or harking back to better times

7. Smile, laugh, and show your sense of humour

It will help to lift spirits

8. Be irreverent

Inspirational people do things that bend the rules and ignore conventions.This may upset traditionalists but will give hope to those who believe there might be a better way, ie most of us!

9. Keep it going

Inspirational people are inspirational all the time – not just for formal change programmes.

What do you think? Have I missed any points? Please leave your comments below:

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